Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Global Warming

After a recent comment, I feel it crucial to point out that:

a) my environmentalist concerns are not political concerns. I don't care who is in charge as long as they aren't ignorant enough to think that six billion people (and increasing at hereto unthought of rates) don't impact the world in an unintended and negative way. How many grains of sand does it take to tip a balance?

b) I don't care who is promoting the global warming or environmentalist cause (left or right) but the reality is as global citizens we have a moral and ethical responsibility to be stewards of what we've been given. To honestly look at what we've done to our own ability to live well on the earth, as a species, and not shake our heads is insanity. I don't understand why we're the only species that craps where it eats, sleeps, and reproduces.