Monday, April 23, 2007

Giving up

Who is in denial? Both sides in this debate drive me bananas. On the right we have our warmongering Haliburton loving hawks who like nothing better than getting a hard on over the latest 'drone' weapon to come out of Pentagon over-spending. On the left we have people that voted to go to war, but have sensed popular opinion changing and realize that instead of having an agenda for the United States they can simply repeat what the average television soaked rat-infested city dwelling 'intellectual' considers morally right.

Is Iraq in civil war? You bet. Are we 'winning'? What's left to 'win'? Are we 'losing'? Well, when you had no real objective and withdrawal plan before you attacked I'm guessing this is an easy question to dodge.

Still - the war in Iraq and its instability is of our making. Oppressive inhumane dictator or not, Saddam kept the peace. When you topple the only thing keeping people under control, what did you expect? Conf and red/white/blue bunting hanging from the minarets of every mosque?


We have a moral obligation NOT to leave. I hate that Americans are dying for that lying, manipulative douche in the White House (Dick Cheney, not Bush; Bush is too stupid to know right from wrong), but when you upset the apple cart you have a responsibility to right it as best you can. We've not done that.

Now, we're trying to do the bare minimum and not look completely incompetent in the process. Yeah, it's not working. Our hawks are fine being hawkish as long as they don't piss off too many conservatives. Buck up, admit that we screwed the pooch and do what we have to do to restore order.

By the way, that's going to mean calling in the U.N.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Entertainment News- Novelist Kurt Vonnegut Dies at Age 84 - AOL News

Entertainment News- Novelist Kurt Vonnegut Dies at Age 84 - AOL News : There is no joy in mudville.

Stretch your mind and read his works. He'll challenge you to think differently about who you are and what you believe....

and you might come out the other side feeling and believing something new, or you might just strengthen your core philosophy.



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Global Warming

After a recent comment, I feel it crucial to point out that:

a) my environmentalist concerns are not political concerns. I don't care who is in charge as long as they aren't ignorant enough to think that six billion people (and increasing at hereto unthought of rates) don't impact the world in an unintended and negative way. How many grains of sand does it take to tip a balance?

b) I don't care who is promoting the global warming or environmentalist cause (left or right) but the reality is as global citizens we have a moral and ethical responsibility to be stewards of what we've been given. To honestly look at what we've done to our own ability to live well on the earth, as a species, and not shake our heads is insanity. I don't understand why we're the only species that craps where it eats, sleeps, and reproduces.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It's here, and finally I can get two hours of peace every night as I lose myself in numbers and statistics. This is a family tradition taught to me by my dad, who was taught by his dad. It's something I learned next to him at my first major league ball game. He did this for me when I played baseball, and we did it together when we watched.

I never felt closer to him then at those moments. No arguments or walls between us. Just baseball.

Global Warming Article- Scientists Approve Global Warming Report - AOL Research & Learn

Global Warming Article- Scientists Approve Global Warming Report - AOL Research & Learn : When bad things start to happen, and the government continues to support big business, oil, and traditional power supplies, remember that they butchered this report. Remember that our government negotiated to weaken the results of our own ineptitude.

Stop being an ostrich with its head in the sand. Be a leader.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Reckless Roaming

Reckless roaming in empty mind spaces, just hoping to stumble.

There are thoughts inevitable, pathways we must trod, prisoner to them without intent or design or even true desire.

Why struggle against that which is, behind clarity and fake bullshit appeasement? We are truthful, unique, bent forceful passionate insane and more real than sunlight or freshly turned earth.

There is no scent of green grass for us, no blossomed cherry tree, free of beauty we see ugly, feel pain, choose it to be it, to struggle with inside to better know outside

To make excuses we smile false smiles and write for false gods but find ourselves unwilling apostles but talking two faced and nodding all the time, still roaming recklessly in empty mind spaces.


First draft. In image:


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

An inconvenient truth

Reports from four fronts in the war on warming.

Justices Say E.P.A. has power to act on harmful gases.

Expert predicts very active hurricane season.

An Inconvenient Truth. Watch it, and then take action.