Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Thursday Thirteen, and some blogthings

The Thursday Thirteen, hosted by Laura of Adventures in Juggling, is a meme that highlights thirteen items of your choice. Today, I'm going with thirteen random things in my office:

1. photograph of my brother
2. a huge dictionary
3. a putter
4. a painting of Abraham Lincoln
5. a beer stein
6. stinky sneakers
7. Blis lip balm
8. The Little Disturbances of Man, by Grace Paley
9. lots of magnets
10. a purple binder clip
11. a chess set
12. a big empty box
13. a hand-blown glass paperweight.

Here are a few blogthings:

You Have Good Karma

In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others.
Your caring personality really shines through.
Sure, you have your moments of weakness - and occasionally act out.
But, all in all, you're karma is good... even with those few dark spots.

You Are 20% Capitalist, 80% Socialist

You see a lot of injustice in the world, and you'd like to see it fixed.
As far as you're concerned, all the wrong people have the power.
You're strongly in favor of the redistribution of wealth - and more protection for the average person.