Sunday, January 28, 2007

A walk to The Spot

It's not going to be that cold I hear in my head, and I'm not going to need a jacket, but where is my hat? I have another one, all right I'm coming - quick, grab the garbage so you look like you're doing your part.

Why will he never fix this stupid door and why are these peanuts on the roof? Squirrels? Someone is feeding the squirrels on the roof? The roof? I am not sure what to make of that of that person of those squirrels of cracked shells and scattered crumbs in gutters and waiting on tar to be blown away.

I am an idiot I forgot my keys and I know if I say something I swallow my pride I always fight my pride it's a demon I cower in fright of. I am so glad she didn't make fun of me, I really am, and why am I always putting garbage in an overflowing dumpster?

I think it's cold, but not biting cold, just cold to feel the tips of my ears sharpen like ice cold razors cold and the sides of my neck tighten in heat cold. Warm coffee, always hotter than I want it to be coffee in a shop closing because its late but they have the paper! The Sunday Times! Light in a dark town!

This coffee is hot spilled and burning thumb. Time for it it's on my shirt and not my pants not my pants! Not my pants? Huh.

There is nothing like a warm walk in the cold and realizing that your heart is always beating with the heat of love and marriage. I love my wife even if I forget my keys.


The weekend ends and I'm glad to find myself just about done. I have some planning to do in my Franklin Covey but then I'll be free to spend the rest of the night drinking tea and eating Bugles. Enjoy your Sunday night, all, and see you in the week!