Thursday, May 19, 2005


I did not realize just how tired a person could become after being on the first tee at 5:50 a.m.and walking 18 before coming to work. I played terribly. I could find no consistency with my shots. I would be either entirely on the money or as far from good as humanly possible. Still, after striking a few balls well I am convinced that I should return for yet another round. In playing with Joe, he seemed extraordinarily friendly and neither of us has spent much time with the other lately.

I feel much less depressed today. I would not quite quantify myself as happy, but I am not sad, either. I think if I possessed more energy, I would be decidedly more chipper. I managed to pray both Morning Prayer and Late Afternoon Prayer today, and that always helps me stay focused. I also backed up my hard-drive to the network and opened up a beta storage site on AOL. I will round out the housework by taking care of some filing over a cup of coffee. I have been neglecting that pile for days.

I compiled the latest reunion numbers and we are just north of $25,000 from goal. Given that a few large donors have yet to make gifts, I am confident we can reach goal. In working late last night, I crossed many tasks of my list, and I hope to tackle the immense number of contact reports that I have ignored later this evening. They are not a chore to write, but simply eat up time and sometimes make you feel unproductive.

I read a bit about Medjugorje today, and I realize that my devotion to the Blessed Mother has lapsed over the last six months. My dedication to the rosary has fallen by the wayside, and Jill and I must pray more as a couple. There is truth to the adage of praying together and being married together!

Plans for tonight include building a futon, a small supper, and to bed early!