Sunday, May 29, 2005

Home and other Musings

Jillian and I returned from Washington this afternoon and we immediately settled into our preferred mindless activities - Jillian settled in with the cats, a blanket, and the couch, and I turned on the Playstation. Tonight, after a fabulous chicken dinner with Sister Kate and Father Phil, I stumbled across an article in the Washington Post arguing that theology provided a weak defense against stem cell research.


Let me make this much clear – any embryo created for the soul purpose of death through research is murdered. Research on other forms of stem cells is moral, but to create life for the soul purpose of experimenting on it until death is evil. We can hide behind words like, wrong, immoral, improper, ethically questionable, but it is truly evil. How can you call the death of a helpless life anything but evil?


What makes stem cell research evil is intent. If you are fully complicit in any issues surrounding the death of an embryo or fetus, you are guilty of murder. Stem cell research, therefore, is the expressed creation of life for use in death-resulting experiments.


There is no excuse for such behavior – we must treat all beings with dignity as all are created in the image of God. Those who are not fully complicit in the death of an embryo or fetus are not guilty of the same mortal sin as those whose will is in league with the culture of death. Why must we always make shades of gray from issues that are black and white?