Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Deep Breaths

I had to take a moment here, right before lunch, to pause and reflect on my day. So many obstacles have been thrown in front of me, and so many tasks have lain upon my shoulders, and I responded by throwing myself forward into my work. I forgot to pray.

Some might find that silly, but to me, prayer is a way to stop my mind from racing, to help me refocus and to lay down all my obstacles and challenges at the foot of the Cross and ask for help. I find perspective in prayer. It helps me realize that I will do the very best I can, but that I am meant to do no more. I will use the tools given to me, but I will not sacrifice that which is more important for the tasks of daily life. Peace of mind and heart and soul are far more important than a ‘to-do’ list.

In morning prayer today, one of the antiphons struck me: My lips will praise you, Lord, for sweeter than life is your merciful love.

That message lifted me up and stripped me of all anxiety. This life is nothing compared to God’s merciful love. All the stress I surround myself with and take upon myself is such foolishness when placed in its proper context. Give glory to God, for he is great!