Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Weapons and Worship

Any day is a good day when your government decides to spend less money on weapons. You can read more about it at the Washington Post. I am not a fan of this war, for ethical reasons I find it not to be just, so whenever my government decides to spend less money on guns I will support it entirely.



Last night I had dinner with two friends, Dave and Phil. We meet weekly at and share our progress in faith, discussing our growth and development (or setbacks!) in holiness, formation, and evangelization. For me, I had a very powerful moment of holiness. Two weeks ago, when my anger so consumed me that I took pure joy and ecstasy from fury, I committed a mortal sin by willfully turning my back on God. Soon after that, I resolved that I should seek Reconciliation. Well, as we have all experienced the days got away from me and with mere minutes to go before Mass, I realized I had yet to go for the Sacrament! Therefore, I did not partake of the Eucharist that day, by choice.


Please do not get me wrong, I love the Eucharist and need it to survive, but I knew that I would have been disrespecting the Lord and all the Church by receiving him that morning. And as I stood there during Communion, I had an amazing revelation – the Lord’s mercy is so great that he has instituted for us such beautiful sacraments, so that when we do commune with him we may do so fully and completely. Through reconciliation, we must fully embrace our humanity, as Christ did, in order to join him and all the Church in Communion.


A wonderful revelation!




On a side note, if any of you have ever wanted to read the entire Bible, but found yourselves becoming stuck, or not having enough time to invest, I have a year long schedule that you can use to read only a few verses every day (each day from a different section, to spice up your reading). On Sundays, you read from the Pentateuch, on Mondays from the Pentateuch and Histories, on Tuesdays the Psalms, on Wednesdays the Wisdom books, on Thursdays the Prophets, on Fridays the Gospels and Acts, and on Saturdays the Epistles. If you want a copy, email me – it is in excel format.