Monday, June 13, 2005

Journal Jar catch-up!

Journal Jar Update:

# 63 How do you feel about Doctors and why?

Well, I have no problem going to a doctor - they are the specialist and if they can help me live a longer, healthier life than I am all for their work. I am frustrated by their lack of bedside manner in a modern world where they have only seven to ten minutes with a patient, and I do dislike their reliance on pills to solve problems, but, on the whole, I'd rather be with them than without them!

#64 What was your favorite Sunday activity as a child?

Tough question - Sundays were always work days with my family, and as we were never very close, and always very volatile, it was hard to find something constant that I could love. I loved the smell of new grass after its being cut, or the sweat on my brow after a long day in the sun working. I loved the feel of a cold shower, or dip in the pool after yard-work all day. I loved laying down at night, knowing I had escaped another weekend with my parents and would soon be safe(r) in school.


I am happy to report that this weekend went far better than last. While I did not do much work for Gettysburg, I did spend much time with Cassie as she and I became preparations for our consulting company. We've much work to do - that's for sure!

Jillian and I had a great weekend as well. I think we're making great strides after our blow-up last weekend, and as always, it has to do with being open and communicative, and not at all selfish.

Oh! I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith this weekend - much fun, and I am SO rooting for Team Jolie.

Anyway, perhaps a more political and/or spiritual post to come later today - for now, it's just catch-up time! Enjoy the day and the week.