Monday, January 2, 2006

Welcome the New Year

Good evening everyone. After experiencing significant technical delays (read emotional wreck after Christmas in Connecticut: The Charley Horror Story and The Anniversary: 365 Days of Not Speaking to M & D) we are ready to resume our regular broadcast schedule.

Significant thanks to Amanda of HEY, I'M COUNTRY, for picking me as a journals editor pick, and to all of my regular readers for all your prayers, best wishes, and support. Your kind words are a true blessing.

My apologies for missing last week's Friday Five. Let's chalk that up to said technical difficulties and pretend like it didn't happen *wink*. I'll not belittle the omnipresent 'Five' and post them on Monday, but rest assured we have a 'Late New Year's Edition' all lined up and ready to go for this week.

I'm feeling a bit pithy tonight, so I think I'm going to forbear the atypical reflection often found here and instead simply give thanks for a new year.

Last year tested my small family, but as this year begins - I'll be a robust 29 - I know how many good and wonderful things are to come. As Mary said, "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord." Even though I am a small little speck of dust in a very very big universe, I am unconditionally loved by God and others and that provides all the strength I could ever need.

So as these seven weeks of Christmas get underway, repeat the sounding joy, and be glad! Tomorrow is another day, the day, to live our lives as we have always yearned to do!


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I can understand how you love your country and your people so much, and that, in spite of these ties, you long for the moment when you will cross lands and seas – far away – for your heart is consumed by the thought of the harvest.

– St. Josemaria Escriva, The Way, #812

Acrimonious (adjective)
biting, harsh, caustic