Friday, January 6, 2006

The Friday Five! Late New Years Style!

In the spirit of still recovering from everything New Years (as in I've got a thousand things to do at work!) I present the Courage Friday Five Belated New Year's Edition!

This fabulous five finds freedom, fortunately (how about THAT alliteration!), after a week's vacation in my mailbox. Our provider today is Amanda, of HEY I'M COUNTRY and Journal's Editor fame! Stop over, thank her, and give her some love!


Hold up! I forgot to promote the first player of last week's (ok, ok, two weeks ago!) Friday Five! While our first comment was from Gabreael, of Gabreael's Body, Mind, and Spirit, the first player last time through was the wonderful Laura! One of the first people I encountered in J-Land (Laura is now an AOL refugee in one of the many blogspot camps that dot our borders), Laura is kind, compassionate, caring and always much fun! She's patient and determined and her laughs, loves, sorrows and triumphs will make you wish YOU were a part of her family! Leaving AOL after the ad scandal, Laura has not left our community. She is a fabulous person! Check her out!

Now, for those of you that haven't played before, all you have to do is answer the five in the comments below or in your own journal (but don't forget to link back here!). The first player of the week will have her or his journal promoted next week!  Also, we always accept questions or themes from our players! Enjoy!


1. What is your most memorable New Year's Eve experience?

A tough question. I haven't done anything particularly stupid on New Year's Eve, so that's a good thing, but let's go with the last six years, shall we? Every year, Jillian and I travel to be with friends of ours for New Year's Eve. We spend that time together and then, on New Year's Day, we gather with their parents, friends and family for a delightful New Year's Day dinner, complete with pork and sauerkraut!

Then, after dinner, the real festivities begin. It is the annual boys vs. girls Trivial Pursuit World Championships! Going into this year's game, boys were down 3-2, but came back to win game six (can you believe we've done this six year's now?!?!) and force a game seven next year! We are a dynasty, baby! Yeah!

2. What is your most embarrassing New Year's Eve experience?

How about when I laid down on the roll away bed and it went crashing to the floor because I'm such a fatty? :)

3. What is the most ridiculous New Year's resolution you have ever tried to make?

No cursing. Please. F that!

4. If you could make a New Year's resolution for anyone who and what would it be?

Pat Robertson - that he would think before he spoke.

5. What are your plans this New Years?

See number one :). It went off beautifully, and thankfully I didn't have a repeat of last year's living hell with my parents!