Monday, January 29, 2007

Dawn's Meme

I pulled this meme from Dawn. She made it!


A     Apple or PC?

I’ve flirted with the idea of buying a Mac for productivity and general house use and having my machine be a gaming only rig, but haven’t pulled the trigger. For now, PC only.


B     Banking... online or in person, and if in person, drive thru or inside the bank?

Most of my banking is done online – very little is done in person, or even in drive-thru!


C     Coffee and Chocolate!  The two most important 'C's  Favorites please.

I’m a fan of any rich dark chocolate – I mean DARK chocolate. As for coffee, I’m a fan of the Seattle’s Best we have up the road at a little coffee joint.


D     Dogs.  Do you have one?  If yes, what kind and it's name and why you named it that.  If no, then if you had one what kind would you choose?

I don’t have a dog, actually, but if I did, I’d choose a Rhodesian Ridgeback; they are beautiful animals.


E     Elvis.  There was only one.  Favorite song, and if you ever or your parents ever, saw him live.

Never saw him live, though my mother-in-law had a ticket for the concert to be held right around when he died. As for my favorite Elvis song, I’m going with Satisfy Me J.


F     Flowers.  Do you have a favorite to receive and/or a favorite to give?

No favorite to receive, but I enjoy giving any kind, really.


G     Grandparents, do you have any left and if you are one, to how many?

I have two grandparents left, both on my mother’s side.


H     Handy or call for help?

Call for help – let the expert handle it; I’m not fool enough to waste my time learning to do something someone is better suited after an actual education.


I     IOU's any out there to a person, a friend or family?

I’ve got some IOU’s out there, and some have them out to me – what goes around, comes around, I say!


J     Jello.  Love it?  Hate it?  Favorite flavor?  With whipped cream or cool whip or neither?

Eh…’s not bad, and it’s not good….unless it’s chocolate pudding!


K     Kiss.  Do you remember your first real kiss?  Where, who?

Jen Gray, in the soup kitchen she and I worked at with our parents.


L     Language.  Do you speak any others?  Fluently or a little?

I’m passable at Russian, on a good day, and I can comprehend German, but can’t speak it as I lost most of the language to disuse

M     Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

Neither. I hate Disney.


N     Neighbors.  Do you know their names?  Occupations?  Phone numbers?  Or not?

I’m afraid I know nothing about them, and I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t care to, either. They are strange.


O     Olympics.  Do you watch?  Which is your favorite winter or summer?

I do watch and I prefer winter to summer.


P     Pluto.  What is your take on the planet being downgraded? 

I think it’s sad. Depressing, really.


Q     Quiche.  Have you ever had it?  Do you like it and what is your favorite?

I despise it, and yes I’ve had it.


R     Refrigerator.  Name three things in your refridgerator that you think are unusual.

Well, almost anything plastic counts, as just about anything we don’t want the cats to get goes in the fridge!


S     Safari.  Have you ever been to Africa on one?  A theme park version?

Done the theme park/zoo thing, but never been to Africa.


T     Telescope.  Have you ever looked thru a telescope? 

I have! I even owned one (a tiny one), and yes, I was a dork.


U     Umbrella.  Do you have one and what is its design?

I do. It’s orange and blue.


V     Vintage.  Do you have a favorite wine to share?  Or drink?

Eh. I enjoy a fine bottle of champagne, but wine doesn’t do much for me. I have had an Australian Riesling recently that was very good, though.


W     Willies.  What gives you the willies?  You know, that shudder you can't stop?

I HATE spiders. I will run like the wind to escape them!


X     X-ray.  Last one?  What body part and why?

I can’t remember this – my neck perhaps? A few years ago because I have some chronically sprained muscles close to my spine.


Y     Yolk.  How do you like your eggs?

I don’t like eggs J.


Z     Zodiac.  What's your sign and does it fit your personality, in your opinion?

I’m a Capricorn, and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t!