Monday, March 27, 2006

Conversion of Heart

I write on Christian topics nearly every day, and many of my readers pen their entries from the Christian perspective as well. Others come here because when I write, even about Christianity, I struggle to include rather than exclude other people.

I like the open dialogue and discourse that promotes. And from a soap box, I feel like I've seen too much hatred and intolerance in the blogosphere recently. Maybe winter got a little long, maybe tensions are rising as divisive issues like immigration, war, and abortion become more prominent in the national consciousness, maybe the planets are aligning, or maybe people just need some sun to repel this negativity.

I don't know what has us judging, and closing minds, and presuming about the behaviors of others, but I found this message ( today about love converting hearts.

Whether a fan of the Pope's or not, whether you agree with Catholicism or not, this message is central to the faith of all Christians, and true for all humanity as well. We need not be Christian to love. Check it out.


Tag: Christian, Faith