Thursday, March 23, 2006

If today you hear his voice...

I have been wondering, more than I usually do, about why events at the College have unfolded the way they have, why I might have responded the way I did, and how I might see myself moving forward in the future.

I stumbled upon this passage this morning during prayer (Isaiah 46: 3-4):
Hear me, o house of Jacob, house of Israel, My burden since your birth, whom I have carried from your infancy. Even to your old age I am the same, even when your hair is gray I will bear you; It is I who have done this, I who will continue, and I who will carry you to safety.

When the chilled breath of a gray winter morning slows us down, blocks out the sun, and leans on our happiness, we realize that not only is winter too stubborn, but ourselves as well. We must yield ourselves to God when we stand on the brink like this; and we must trust that his hands will carry us to safety.

We cannot survive this world on our own - there are too many gray mornings - but we can sing about spring and feel its warm sun, refusing to let our pride and sadness cloud our minds and judgements. Hear his voice and be glad!


Tag: God