Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Doing what is right

I was sitting in a meeting today and whlie most of what transpired covered usual topics, the last bit delved into obscure semantics.

It seemed everyone involved hoped to secure their own well-being even if it meant clouding truth and rationalizing behavior.

This upset me and caught me off guard because in meetings with these people I have always been frank.

I know that I have the same fault at times and with different people and in different situations, but this meeting covered crucial issues and impacted the future of a number of people, and sadly it appears to be a growing trend with this group. I'm wondering what drives us to respond to one another with falsehood in these situations. I know that there are times I do the same and it bothers me that I do when I see in Psalm 106:

Happy those who do what is right, whose deeds are always just.

I see situations like this meeting unfold and it makes me sad, anxious, upset, and worried all because I feel out of control. I try to steal control when I refuse to do what is right and just around others, and really, what's the point?

Is it inevitable that some people will always twist reality to their own advantage? We know that right is right and wrong is wrong, so why even get upset when others do this to us when we do it to others? Some strange sense of injustice?

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