Friday, March 30, 2007

The quiet and shared night

The quiet and shared night : The Blogfather has given us his weekend assignment - which time of day is your favorite?

I'm dredging up a past post for my answer. In the night under clouds or moon or stars I can feel the earth breathe. Concrete and asphalt shudders and settles, weary after a long day. The trees drink deep of quiet air and speak to one another on the wind. The grass naps in quiet slumber after a day spent praising the sun, and animals come or go as their way and nature permits.

I love the night, walking without direction or guidance. I feel my feet connect to the earth in a way more sincere than any I've ever felt; no light, no sight, just smell, taste, and touch. My soul seeps down my legs, through my shoes and joins creation in a silent celebration of unity and life.

Sometimes, being an insomniac isn't so bad. :)