Friday, November 11, 2005

The Friday Five

Lest you all think I forgot!


This week's Friday Five are ready for you! To play, simply answer the questions in the comments below or in your journal, posting a link back to it in the comments. We want to see your answers! It's a great way to find our way to new journals! Be a part of the fun!

As always, you are encouraged to send in a question, questions, etc. If your question/theme/questions is/are selected, I will profile your journal IF you send me the link :). And, so, without any more gilding the lilly and further ado, I give you:

1) What is your favorite noise to hear?

Toughy - but nothing beats the sound of a well hit double to left-center...except on the rare chance that I might actually hit a golf ball in the fairway.

2) If you could live in any era of time, what would you choose and why?

Another toughy - the thought of dying of one of the many diseases that we have 'under control' now is a bit scary...but I think I'd give my left foot to be Mr. Darcy.

3) You just found $50 while cleaning your house. Where do you decide to spend it?

OUT TO DINNER - and you know I'm getting the double oreo madness. Bring it.

4) What magazines to you subscribe to/read on a normal basis?

I can't remember if we've had this one already, or if Patrick's featured it over for the Saturday Six, but:

- Men's Health
- PC Gamer (it's the dork in me  - be nice)
- National Geographic
- The Farmer's Almanac
- Men's Vogue
- Gentleman's Quarterly
-The Chronicle of Higher Education

5) If you could witness any event in history, but not change anything about it, what would you choose and why?

This is an interesting spin on a question we've all seen before. I think I'd like to go b ack and withness the surrender between Grant and Lee during the Civil War - or Hendrix onstage at Woodstock. Those are moments that defined generations.