Friday, November 25, 2005

Truly Thankful


I had the luxury these days past to read many journals and I saw so many wonderful entries about countless blessings and gifts, all of which written by truly appreciative people.


But that's not me. I'm not thankful. Really. As I ate Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, I thought about all the things I should be thankful for, and I am, but I'm not thankful. I'm  not someone who lives his life with that awareness.


I am not someone that can make a Thanksgiving entry. I don't live out my thankfulness like these other authors do, and I barely find time to even reflect on all that I've been given. These others, thought, they live out their thankfulness and they are the real reason we have Thanksgiving. For them, Thanksgiving is a chance to scream from a mountaintop what they sing softly in sincere words everyday. They have hearts of thanksgiving, and they are blessings.


And so, in a spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation for them, I list them below:


Gem: One of the first people who I met in J-Land, she is my original inspiration for starting Courage

Laura: Is the mother I wish I had when growing up

Nancy: Teaches me what it means to be something special, everyday

Bethany: Has shown me what a well-lived life is like, even when facing many difficulties

Dawn: Is pure inspiration. She is the true spirit of Thanksgiving

Courtenay: helps me find my voice when I have none

Deb: Her steadfast determination and belief are a lodestone for me

Amanda: Shows me what it is to be a real person

Rebecca: Is a muse whose passion for writing teaches me to think

Jessica: A soul whose life has taught me to reach out

Kate: One of my first readers, she lives life the way I wish I did

Lelly: My courage is nothing to hers

Rach: Her faith journey is a roadmap in the wilderness

Patrick: Is the kind of man I hope to become

Betty: Is a traveler of life whose knowledge is irreplaceable

Michelle: Speaks and lives the truth as she believes it to be, a rare gift in a cynical world.


These are just a few of the people who live Thanksgiving. There are many others out there whose writing inspired me to put up this post. Thank you to all of you and please forgive me for not making a full list - it is 2:41 a.m., after all!


To them, and everyone listed above, thank you for making this holiday not one day but an integral part your souls. If you don't already, get to know them.


As for myself, I hope that I learn what it means to be thankful this coming year, so I can express myself every day in a way that reflects appreciation for all that I have, whether good or bad.