Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Test and Tried

Today's reflection is from Psalms, 66: 9-12

Who has kept us alive and not allowed our feet to slip. You tested us, O God, tried us as silver tried by fire. You led us into a snare; you bound us at the waist as captives. You let captors set foot on our neck; we went through fire and water; then you led us out to freedom.

I am fond of saying, and have heard from others that we are never given more than we can handle. This is a simple lesson, a simple sayinig, but so hard to believe. Our particular faiths, beliefs, and life situations aside, everyone of us will face spiritual fires, snares, bonds and maybe even situations that strike our souls.

Whether disease of the body or soul, every illness exacts its spiritual toll. The choices we make and the afflictions we suffer, for whatever reason - folly, helplessness, or sheer happenstance - temper our souls and minds to make us stronger, more faithful, and better people.

There are times, however, when we choose to let our afflictions become our life, instead of a situation affecting who we are, because suffering is comfortable, famliar, and eaiser than facing the intense heat of fire and forge.

Faith in those outside ourselves is the only saving grace that can lead us to freedom when we are too weak to find it ourselves. And it is no shame to find strength in others, when no one person has solutions for every problem.

When our spirits are crushed, overwhelmed, downtrodden and held prisoner the best recourse is trust in others. To look your fear in the face and turn it over to someone else we conquer what is otherwise an unbeatable army.