Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just life

We're going to spice up this entry a bit today - no reflection, but instead some information:

1. I am now posting in syndicate to a blogger.com journal for those of you who have moved off site. The link is to the right.

2. Courage has a map! Sign it! The link is in my 'About Me' section. Do it! :) Please?

3. You can see in my about me section that I have affiliated my blog with blogexplosion, blogstreet and others. If you want more traffic, click those banners and sign up. It'll take a bit, but you'll start to see more folks at your site.

4. I am thankful for you all. You are wonderful people.

5. My blogging over the next five or six days is might be sporadic. I am traveling tomorrow to Delaware for work, then Friday to New York and Philadelphia, Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia and/or Washington, D.C., and then Monday in Washington, D.C.. I will return home late Monday night. If I don't see you until then, be well, and I hope all is well!