Friday, February 17, 2006


Amanda, at HEY, I'M COUNTRY is in a bit of a mood today (shhh - I didn't tell you that), but she did have a fun meme about pets. Check it out :).

1. How many pets do you have currently have?
     Two - both cats.
2. Pets name (s)?
     Ulysses (male), Shiloh (lady)
3. Age & weight?
     Uly is six and Shi-Shi is five. Shi is a healthy 13 lbs and change. Uly is a fat 17. Chubb.
4. Female or Male?
     see above :)
5. What breed?
     Uly is your standard black, but Shiloh is a muted calico.
6. Favorite Place to sleep?
     Shi sleeps at my feet, Uly sleeps on the couch. During the day they sleep in their cat's cubes
7. Pet's Favorite Food?
     They both get special food. Poor Uly has bladder issues (blockage) and shi shi is such a skimpy eater we have to get her the fat people food.
8. Pet's Favorite Fun activity?
     sleeping :)
9. Is your pet well behaved?
     Yep. They are more like dog than cats!
10. Cutest trick they do?
     Shiloh plays catch (literally, like a dog). Ulysses understands the laws of physics and can empty those self-dispensing water bowls in a matter of minutes by using his weight and puncturing holes for oxygen.
11. Who's their fav person in your house?
     Uly is all about whomever is laying on the couch. Shi Shi is mine in the morning, and Jillian's at night.
12. Inside or outside? 
     Both inside. Too much nasty stuff out there.
13. If small, do you dress them up?
     collars only.
14. Enjoy baths & grooming? 
     they love grooming, hate bathing.
15. How many pets have passed over that you hold a spot in your heart?
     Mr. D, my first dog (a golden retriever - I was six), Dieter, my second dog (a dachshund - I was 19), and Jackson (my second cat - I was 22).
16. Who is the one pet that will always be that "special one"?