Monday, February 27, 2006

Last Friday's Friday Five

As promised - last Friday's Friday Five (can you guess who submitted the questions?). If you play, post a linkback to your journal in the comments!:

1 - Describe the shoes that you wearing right now? (If none, then think of the shoes you would put on if you had to leave the house right this instant.) 

Prolly my sneaks - simple, yet effective. White, with blue and gray stripes and a cool cushy soul thing that 'distributes weight as you move' or some such nonsense.

2 - Where did you get them? How much did they cost you? What made you buy them? 

Ah, the beauty of X-mas gifts from family :) 

3 - Did this particular pair require you to "break them in?"

Still in process. Now and again they are a bit stiff.

4 - Do your shoes match your outfit, or your belt, or are you just a mumbo jumbo mix of a fashion statement? 

I actually didn't get out of my pj's today - so no :)

5 - Who is more shoe obsessed, you or your partner? What makes you think that?

We each are in different ways - i'm a shoe snot, she's a shoe junkie.