Friday, March 31, 2006

The Angelus, and MyCatholic

I know we've a number of Protestant and Born Again readers of this site, but for the Catholics in the group, here are two sites that might interest you:

The Angelus link will drive you to a page that not only provides a very brief history of the prayer, but also its mission, which is to spread the praying of the angelus among Catholic web surfers. If you wish to participate and pray the angelus (normaly now done at noon, though also at morning and night in tradition) head over to the link provided by the button. You'll find the angelus there in english and latin, and you can also find the html code to place the angelus tag on your blog or web site.

The second site is a fabulous customizable home page that gives Catholics a chance to use RSS feeds and local information to pull content in from all over the web that is meaningful to them and their faith. It's very much worth the trip if you are Catholic, and much of the news there comes from catholic news services, not traditional mainstream media.