Sunday, June 4, 2006

Ten things that make me say, "Life is good!" EDIT: added those I have tagged

Carly, of Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly, tagged me to play a delightful meme where I must list then things that make me say, "Life is good!" So, here we go!

1. Keeping score of a ballgame. It is amazingly relaxing.

2. Notting Hill, a fabulous Sunday afternoon movie.

3. The Eucharist. I love receiving communion.

4. Golf. God's happiest when his children are at play and every course is a creation of beauty and love.

5. The color green because it reminds me of life, growth, and renewal.

6. A twenty-four ounce porterhouse steak, cooked medium-rare.

7. Coldstone Creamery ice-cream. You pick every aspect of your creation and it tastes like sunshine.

8. Corn on the cob slathered in butter on a hot summer day.

9. Fishing, a new sport that I'm beginning to love.

10. Reading National Geographic, because it reminds me of how wonderful our world is every day in every corner of existence.

Now, I tag Nat, Amanda, Laura, Lily, and Christy