Friday, June 2, 2006

Weekend Assignment # 114 - things you like now, but not then (EDIT: Player now works)

John Scalzi (By the Way) posted this weekend's assignment earlier today. To play we have to name a thing we like today, that our younger selves would probably roll our eyes at. People, places, things, ideas, philosophies -- all of it is up for consideration.

Extra Credit: Name something you didn't like then that you still don't like now.

For me, I have to say the easiest answer is golf. I adore this sport now and loathed it as a child and teenager. I swore that I would never play this 'old person's' game. I'm not even thirty and I am addicted. I have been addicted from the first swing I took, ever, on the first tee at Caledonia public golf course.

One of the most memorable sporting moments I have ever seen happened during a fabulous round between Chris DiMarco and Tiger Woods during the 2005 Master's Championship at Augusta National in Georgia. In a bunker, twenty-five feet from the cup on the sixteenth hole, Woods held only a one stroke lead. He made a spectacular chip, thrilling the crowd and adding to his already intimidating mystique. Watch it and see if it gives you chills like it does me.

Tiger Woods mock Nike commercial, Augusta 2005

Extra credit: Lima beans. Ick.