Thursday, June 1, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, June 2, 2006

Weekly memes provide me with a sense of stability and comfort. I particularly enjoy those that have high participation rates, such as those found at Patrick's Weekender. Laura, of Adventures in Juggling, provides another superb meme titled, The Thursday Thirteen. To play you must list thirteen somethings in your blog. There is no rhyme or reason to what you can choose, but after you make your post be sure to leave a comment in her journal.

Yesterday I made mention of a particular passion of mine, scoring baseball games. While that also makes me a dork, it allows me to leave you my thirteen favorite baseball players.

1. Lou Gehrig - the Iron Horse
2. Derek Jeter - only the eleventh captain of the New York Yankees
3. Bernie Williams - has played his entire professional career with the Yankees
4. Donnie Baseball - you might know him as Don Mattingly
5. Cal Ripken - he played hard, every day
6. Stan 'The Man' Musial - quite possibly the best all around player, ever
7. Jackie Robinson - the epitome of class and dignity
8. Mariano Rivera - the best relief pitcher, ever
9. Edgar Martinez - the consumate professional hitter
10. Albert Pujols - the best baseball player in the world today, and quite possibly its best person as well; a true role model
11. Satchel Paige - born in 1906, the famed Negro League and Major League pitcher (he pitched competitively on a regular basis until 1957) was one of the best pitchers of all time
12. Babe Ruth - the first larger than life sports figure
13. Bob Gibson - he was so good that baesball had to change the rules..or so rumor has it!

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