Friday, July 22, 2005

The Friday Five

First, thank you to those of you that sent kind comments and emails as a result of yesterday's post. Having not heard from Amanda (and my need to get on the road), here are today's Friday Five.


1. Who was your first best friend?

Matt Myles. We met very early on in school, and he lived just a bike ride down the road. He and i spent nearly every afternoon together for four years, as we explored, rode bikes, played, and just had good old adolescent fun! He was an amazing man, and I am wish we kept in better contact.

2. Who have been some of the most influential people in your life?

The two that come to my mind, right away, are Mr. Putnam and Father DeChico. Mr. Putnam helped guide me through one of the roughest times of my life, and he showed me a path to happiness that I am only now becoming aware of, as I was ready to see what he had to offer. He also inspired in my my love of education and teaching. Fr. DeChico had the courage to tell me  my lack of faith and belief led to my struggles and pain. He told me the choice was simple - say yes, or say no, but refuse to say nothing. I needed him to help hold me accountable. In many ways, I consider him my real Father.

3. Do you usually have one best friend or a lot of close friends?

I usually have a few 'close' friends, but rarely does anyone enter that 'best friend' space in my soul. Why? I am too ashamed of my past to let many in all the way. Some things are better off dead and in the dark.

4. Do you believe people of the opposite sex can be best friends and not lovers?

Yes, of course. I do think that if they are to be close friends a little sexual tension will develop, but the beauty of a true friendship is that they won't let that tension destroy what they've worked so hard to create. At least, if they're not being selfish :)

5. Have you ever fallen in love with a friend?

Of course - who hasn't? She broke my heart, though, and I learned a valuable lesson about loving someone unconditionally without their love in return.


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