Friday, July 15, 2005

The Friday Five

The Friday Five - Courtesy of Noah103 - I can't pimp his journal, because he never sent me the link!.  

 1. If you only had to choose one, does righteousness fall more under giving pennies to the poor, or asking a rich man to come into your humble apartment (if you had one, of course)?    

Doing the work of God would be righteous, and so I would give pennies to the poor, and then invite him into my house.  

2. Does adaptation to one's surroundings take place through one's actions or one's thoughts?  

Adaptation to one's surroundings takes place through one's actions. What we do is the fruit of our will. While we may be screaming on the inside, people see what is on the outside.  

3. If you were to find the meaning of life how would you use it?  

I would do my best to live it out every day. For me, the meaning of life is to be as Christlike as I can. So, I do my best to live that life to show people there is a way for peace and happiness and morality to co-exist.  

4. Let's say you managed to find, through science, that the human brain had no freewill, and was controlled by a series of chemical reactions rather than a consciousness. Would you continue to search for answers?  

Absolutely, because science has been wrong before, and I believe otherwise. Something isn't true unless you have faith in it!  

5. You find a fossil of a bird buried in the ground by chance as you are digging in your garden. It is so well-preserved that one could see the actual feathers and make out almost every bone. Your young (maybe four-five year old) children come running over to see what you have found, and you decide to bury it back into the ground to keep it safe from them lest they break it. Later on that day, you come to dig it back up to show to your wife, but find that you have misplaced it. After admitting to your wife that you have misplaced the fossil, to the damage of your credibility, you contemplate whether you should have donated the fossil to a museumor kept it on display in your house. Which one would you choose and why, taking the situation into context?    

Well, jealously, I will admit to wanting to keep the bird, but I would have donated it to a museum. It is a gift to more than to myself!  

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