Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Song of Songs

I stumbled across a great reading today from Song of Songs, 8:7

Deep waters cannot quench love,
nor floods sweep it away.
Were one to offer all he owns to purchase love,
he would be roundly mocked

I love that phrase, 'deep waters cannot quench love.' Love is a torrent, it is an unstoppable force driven by the need to give yourself unconditionally to another, asking for nothing in return. Love is a rock, like faith, and indeed the two are akin to one another.

The bedrock principle of faith is love, and of love, faith - faith in someone else, faith in the eternal nature of giving oneself entirely without regard or reserve to bind your soul to theirs.

It is love that allows us to believe in something and someone outside ourselves, and in the case of our God, faith in a being that loves us unconditionally and so much that he brought us into creation with the capability to love others and him in return. What a marvelous gift! Floods cannot sweep it away, or deep waters quench it! It is an everlasting fire that purifies all it consumes!

I love! Moreover, by loving I set afire all I love and those I love unconditionally become a consuming flame that can never be extinguished! The only end to love is my own selfishness, when I withhold myself from others.

The love of our God (whomever we worship!) for us is like a burning flame, as is our love for God and one another. Without his love and without our love the world is a cold, lonely place. Do not turn away from such a gift! Embrace the flames of God and of those who love you! Set yourself afire in their unconditional love and in so doing set their world alight with warmth and charity!

Rejoice! Love is freely given and a fire for eternity!