Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Question 1:

1.) What are you reading right now? Or what is sitting on your bookshelf waiting to be read?

Well, at the moment I am reading a series of articles by different educators. I know, it sounds boring, but I have to get them read to stay on top of the literature if I'm ever going to get my company off the ground. They are all on how technology is used in the classroom. As for books that I will be reading, I'm all about Gettysburg by Gary Trudeau. It's a fantastic one volume read of the battle.

And my question out to Amanda at HEY, I'M COUNTRY

Question 2

2.) Did you play a musical instrument while growing up, and if so which one, and if not, why not?

I played the violin - I know, shocker. I started playing in third grade and last picked it up when I was just ready to start the tenth grade. That makes it a good seven years or so. I did love to play, but Beethoven's fourth symphony gave me fits and I was not about to sacrifice my social standing in high school to play the violin. Shallow, I know. I wish now, very much, that I had continued playing. I can barely read music anymore!