Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Unity and Question 3

I read this today in the 1st book of Kings, 11: 38

If, then, you heed all that I command you, follow my ways, and please me by keeping my statutes and my commandments like my servant David, I will be with you. I will establish for you, as I did for David, a lasting dynasty; I will give Israel to you.

I find this reading particularly encouraging. God is willing to make great those who follow his statutes and commandments, as David did. What I find particularly challenging about this reading is that so many of us, myself included have a tough time with two particular issues: accepting God's unconditional love for us, and following all the rules and commandments, even those we do not like.

To not accept God's love is to reject him and yourself, for we were formed in his image and created by His will. To willingly ignore his commandments and precepts is to announce to God, "I will not believe what you ask me to believe. And as you are all good and perfect, I choose to follow that which is not good and perfect."

How strange, isn't it, that we do these things? How silly are we for being so stubborn and refusing to submit our will to God's.

Oh, I know, there are people that say the Church and its teachings are arcahaic, out of date, and wrong, but if you believe in the Holy Spirit, then the teachings of the Church are truth, as the Church's true leader is the Holy Spirit, not man. How do I know this? Because our whole lives have been given to Christ through the Holy Spirit. It is what guides our morality....if we let it into our hearts.

Think about this - when we choose to disobey the rules of our religion, we place our own intelligence and limited experience before the Holy Spirit, 2000 years of prayer and reflection, and God himself, saying, that we know better than they.

Doesn't that strike anyone as a little odd?

Of course, if you don't believe in God, or your faith lacks a catechism, there is still a wonderful message here, and that is that God will give to us all manner of wonderful things if we keep his commandments. The covenant is a simple one, but we are so tempted that all too often we choose complexity and shades of gray in favor of a moral right and wrong, black and white.


Question 3, from Amanda at HEY, I'M COUNTRY

Are you a boob or an ass man? Explain your reasoning.
(No pleading the fifth on this one to get out of it.)

Well, to be honest, I'm an ass man. I love a firm, round, large, voluptuous ass. I love to hold it, grab it, look at it, kiss it, smack it (at certain times). I love the way it sways, the way it rocks, the way its hips call out to me and beckon me closer. It begs to be held, caressed, scratched in passion, and frankly, nothing looks better than a great ass in jeans.