Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Mornings and Federal Ignorance

I posted on the topic of government idiocy in relation to the recent federal tobacco case, but a news story in the Washington Post this morning confirms my distaste for this particular administration. I detest being lied to, and I detest a government that puts its own interests ahead of the interests of the people due to immorality and improper allegiances.

According to an expert testifying in the tobacco case, he was instructed by federal lawyers to water down his testimony, something the career lawyers working on the case felt strongly against. His penalty for refusing to do so would result in his not testifying at all in the trial. Thankfully, he held his moral ground and he was placed on the stand anyhow. Read more about his testimony here. This is a perfect example of government functioning in a moral vacuum, devoid of principle. What right has the government to threaten its citizens in our courts?


In other news, I did have a fantastic weekend, spent mostly relaxing and watching a movie here and there. I did come into work a bit yesterday, and made a long useless drive to York, PA, but otherwise the weekend made up for itself in the form of wings and steak at Outback.

Cassie and I spent a good bit of time yesterday talking about the future of our compnay and we believe its future will lie in consulting on assessment as it relates to NCLB, instruction and assessment as schools adapt to shortened budgets and increases in special education, particularly autism, and fiscal responsibility in general, as it relates to pay for peformance, instruction, assessment and test scores. We have some more discussions to have with professionals, honestly, but I think once we have them we can get a better feel for what Cassie should focus on during her studies at Penn and what job might be wise for her to take while there.

Have a good Monday, everyone.

Peace and Love,