Monday, June 27, 2005

Where have I been?

Hi everyone!

If anyone out there is a regular reader, my posts for the next few days will be spotty at best. I am attending a conference all week titled, The Civil War Institute. It is the premier scholarly institute on the Civil War in America. It is hosted at Gettysburg, where I work, and I've been attending 11 years. I first came here in high school after receiving a student scholarship. I now work for them part time (it's actually vacation time) raising money to support the scholarship program through their Auction program. Wish me luck! My goal is to raise approximately $10,000 in one week. I think I'm over $2,000 so far - I'll know more tomorrow.

One last thing before I head to bed - isnt it amazing how you can miss praying, even if you get away from it for only a few days? I'm not talking formal prayer, either, or any specific type of prayer, but rather the dialogue you have with God, or Allah, or Yahweh/Elohim, or whomever it is you worship. That dialogue is sacred, and it takes courage to stay with it in busy times. That's a true challenge!