Sunday, May 7, 2006

Community Prayer List - FAQ/Instructions

This post will serve as a FAQ/Instructions for joining and leaving the Community Prayer List. If anything is unclear, or you wish to see an addition to the FAQ/Instructions, please email me. For the first entry made about our prayer ring, click here.


1. What is this about? This prayer list is for any and all people that wish to have prayers said for a particular intention.

2. Who says the prayers? People who volunteer to join the prayer list will be praying for submitted intentions throughout the week.

3. What do they pray for? Anyone may submit an intention to the prayer list for anything they wish to have offered up in prayer. Typical intentions include concerns for family or friends, thanksgiving and appreciation, prayers for the deceased, discernment over a decision or issue, and many others. If you want someone to pray for it, this is a great place to start.

4. When do they pray? People are on their own honor when they pray. Joining the list means you agree to pray regularly for the intentions of the week.

5. How do you know what to pray for? Every Monday afternoon I distribute the week's intentions, as submitted by readers, to those on the list. We pray for those intentions for that week.

6. Can intentions be repeated? Absolutely - just resubmit the intention so we know you want it to remain from one week to the next.

7. How do I submit an intention? Simply email me. In the body of the email describe your intention as you want it distributed to the list.


Instructions - How to join the prayer list

1. Click the "Join our Community Prayer Ring" link to the right and send an email to me with the subject: Subscribe - Prayer List. I will reply confirming your subscription. If you do not receive a confirmation from me within 48 hours, please send a second email. Problems subscribing or emailing me may be left in the comments on this entry.

Instructions - How to leave the prayer list

2. Send an email to me with the subject: Unsubscribe - Prayer List. I will reply within 48 hours confirming your request. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, please send a second email. Any other problems regarding unsubscription may be listed in detail as a comment to this entry.