Thursday, May 11, 2006

When we all need a break, where do we look?

Earlier today I posted the kind gift Carly bequeathed on all of us here at Courage. She has given us an image of inspiration that helps us take our shallow words and give them meaning and depth. She has taken something seen by the naked eye and made it meaningful.

And while we can now all turn to the Coit Tower for encouragement, sometimes no matter what our strength is or how deep our motivation runs, we need levity. Laughter. Humor. A smile. A joke. A distraction, even, to help us sharpen our minds for the more difficult tasks ahead.

I asked Jessica, of Jessica's Thoughts and Feelings, if she would create a fun tag that would give us all a little something to laugh about, giggle at, and help remind us that life isn't all seriousness all the time. She came through magnificently. She read past journal entries and discovered that when this journal most often showed those traits of escaping for a while from every day drudgery, I talked about (or posted pictures of) Angelina Jolie.

So, Jess created this tag from scratch for us to use here at Courage. This is our image of happiness, laughter, silliness, and good times. This is the image that will remind us that we are human, it is OK to be so, and we deserve the smiles and happiness others bring into our lives. Jessica brings happiness. Talk to her. Email her. She will leave you smiling because she knows that the greatest gift one can give is good cheer. Jessica can change perspectives with a smile, so that what was once daunting is now not so much, and we will find we have enough courage after all. Thank you, Jess!