Thursday, May 11, 2006

An image of Courage

Ondine Monet, of Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly, is a fantastic photographer. The moments she captures on film inspire. She is a good friend and her words are an important daily visit for me.

Recently, Carly offered me the chance to select one photograph from her collection to become solely mine. She would retire the photograph and it would not be used in any other location. This is a rare gift!

I selected an image of the Coit Tower, built to honor the memory of firefighters after the 1906 earthquake. You can see the tower at dusk, shining in the darkness and the clutter of a thousand lights, reaching for the sky.

Built to honor the courage of others, providing light in the dark and a place to look when overwhelmed by a thousand other distractions, this image is a sign of courage. It has now become the official image of this journal and I encourage you to reference it when talking about courage or this blog.

My thanks to Carly for making our eyes see the light of courage and inspiration.