Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sea Crest & Proverbs

I'm glad to see that the exchange between Paul and I about intercessory prayer generated such a well-mannered and spirited discussion.

It's nice to be civil.

Jillian and I have returned from our mini-vacation at Sea Crest by the Sea. If you're looking for a few days away, this is the place to visit. I'll spare you the scandal of a detailed summary, but rest assured that we enjoyed ourselves and felt completely pampered by the inn keepers.

Ironically, the inn keepers are Gettysburg College graduates (go Bullets!), and I actually knew them from my work there but failed to connect their names with their faces. They were supremely gracious. I've posted pictures from the weekend - enjoy!


I read this today in Proverbs, 26: 23

Like a glazed finish on earthenware are smooth lips with a wicked heart.

I know that I am too frequently tempted and soothed by empty promises, lies, and the general malaise of material living. Of course, this does not stop me from looking toward the impermanent for solace. On the contrary, when I fail I often find myself refusing to change. Why? Because smooth lips and a wicked heart can make even the most ugly sin look sweet and innocent.

Selfishness is so easy to rationalize.

When lucid moments bring this struggle into sharp relief, I'm reminded of Paul who calls himself a prisoner to Christ. Instead of struggling with the world, I should struggle with myself to discern the will of God as found in the Holy Spirit and enjoy the comfort of God's undeniable love and forgiveness.


An entry on free will is in the works - stay tuned. Also, feel free to join our prayer ring. I'll be sending out this week's email shortly - my vacation delayed its composition.