Friday, September 9, 2005

The Friday Five

Well folks, they're up! You know the drill - answer below in the comments, or provide a direct link to your replies in your own journal! Thanks to Amanda for hosting the five last week during my absence! If you haven't been to her journal, give it a read - she's a blast, and a very good person. My replies will come up tonight or later today (business is killing me today!). I'll be out of town for the weekend, but I will make an effort to keep up!

) What was the first song you remember hearing and enjoying on the radio?

2) If you could only listen to five CDs for a year, which five would they be? (Boxed sets can count as one CD. Sigh.)

3) What was your favorite year, music-wise?

4) If you could witness one historical music event through all time, what would you pick, and why?

5) Do you have a song that never fails to cheer you up? What is it and why does it do that for you?