Sunday, September 18, 2005

I might have done this already but...

Have you...

1. Fallen for your neighbor?  yeah, when I was a frosh in high school.

2. Made out with just a friend?  Does spin the bottle count? 

3. Been rejected? Yes.

4. Been in love? Yes.

5. Used someone? I have.

6. Been used? I have.

7. Been Kissed? I have.

8. Done something you regret? Indeed.


Who was the last person...

9. You Sexually Touched? slapped my wife's hiney - does that count?

10. You talked to? Jillian

11. You hugged? Jillian

12. You instant messaged? Cassie

13. You kissed? Jillian

14. You had sex with? Jillian

15. You yelled at? Jillian

16. You laughed with? Jillian

17. Who broke your heart? Lord, really broke my heart? Probably my principal when I taught

18. Who told you they loved you? Jillian

Do you…
19. Color your hair? No

20. Have any Birthmarks?  Yes, several.

21. Have any piercings? No.

22. Have a 6 pack? I used to, does that count?

23. Own your own house? no

24. Own a nice car? 2000 Mustang - she's my baby...named Traveler

25. Speak any languages? English, a tad of German and a smattering of Russian

26. Cook your own Dinner? occoaisonally

27. Laze In The Bath Often? as I don't have a tub, no.

28. Know your height and weight? i do. 5'10, 178 lbs


Have you / Are you...

29. Stolen anything? yes.

30. Smoked? No.

31. Taken drugs? Not officially :).

32. Obsessive? Sure.

33. Compulsive? Definitely.

34. Obsessive compulsive? Depends.

35. Panic? not in the true sense of the word, but anxiety attacks have happend.

36. Anxiety? yes, clinically, sadly

37. Depressed? clinically, sadly.

38. Control Freak? more like manipulative.

39. Obsessed with hate? No


41. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Rome

42. Can you do anything freakish with your body? Yes.

43. What feature do you find most attractive on girls? hair.

44. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? Yes.

45. Would you marry for money? No

46. Have you had braces? for too long

47. Do you like a girl to wear lip gloss? chap stick, if the situation requires it

48. Do you sing in the shower? indeed - hum as well

49. When was the last time you had a hickey? Ages ago

50. Could you live without a computer? yes

51. Do you use AOL, MSN, Yahoo? AOL

52. If so, how many people are on your list? too freakin many.

53. If you could live in any past, where would it be? Jerusalem, 30-33 AD

54. Do you wear white socks? only with sneakers

55. Do you wear shoes? i do

56. What is your favorite fruit? Raspberries or blueberries

57. Do you eat wheat bread or white? Wheat

58. What is your favorite place to visit? any good restaurant.

59. Favorite DVD? The Legend of Bagger Vance.

60. Do you kiss on the first date? Yes.

61. Are you gutsy? I used to box. Guys in the navy. Does that make me gutsy or stupid?

62. Do you dream in color or black and white? Color, sadly.

63. What are you wearing right now? Blue cargo shorts, white polot

64. Do you eat a lot of fruit? eh

65. Do you have any dimples? Yes.

66. Do you remember being born? no.

67. Why do you take surveys? i like to share.

68. Do you drink alcohol? I'm trying to quit, actually.

69. Did you like high school? It was passable.

70. What is the best accent? Russian

71. Who do you want to kiss? Angelina Jolie's lips :)

72. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? Sunsets - no place like Gettysburg

73. Do you want to live to be 100? I want to live only as long as I am supposed to.

74. Are Big Boobs important to you?  No, a butt is better :)

75. Do you or have you played with a Ouija board? Yes.

76. Are you loyal? Not as much as I should be, as it is a trait I admire

77. Are you tolerant of other people’s beliefs?  Somewhat - tolerant of beliefs, not of rationalization

78. When you watch movies, do you like the lights on or off? Off.

79. Do you like your nose? It's not the worst thing on me

80. Do you think you can draw well? NO

81. At what age did you find out that Santa Clause wasn't real? I don't remember. Before middle school, at least

82. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? Six

83. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday? Depends on the outfit

84. Do you write poetry? Now and then

85. Snore? when sick

86. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? Front or sides.

87. Do you like Cats/Dogs? Cats.

88. Do you lick stamps? Yes.
89. Do you use an electric can opener? No, I have the turny kind.

90. Have you ridden in a hot air balloon? No, I don’t think I want to.