Wednesday, September 7, 2005

I made no secret

I read this last night in Psalm 40:

To do your will is my delight;
my God, your law is in my heart!
I annouced your deed to a great assembly;
I did not restrain my lips;
you, Lord, are my witness.
Your deed I did not hide within my heart;
your loyal deliverance I have proclaimed.
I made no secret of your enduring kindness
to a great assembly.

This passage strikes me, not in its call to Christians spreading God's Word, but in its application in the mundane tasks of our lives, those that are tiny, insignificant, routine, ritual, and perhaps done without conscious thought. These minute actions gather momentum and begin to define who we are.

We are known by our actions, not our thoughts, and as the uninspired tasks of life drive us forward, we must be vigilant and become the master of our circumstances, not the prisoner of their restrictions. Right and Wrong do exist. Life is not a series of pea-soup fog banks, but of our own making. There are two paths in every situation and we must not shy away from the difficult decisions of Right and Wrong by rationalizing ourselves into the safety of impenetrably gray middle ground.

The small decisions of our lives are the ones we must pay most attention to, the ones that dictate our character and the substance of our lives. Do we see with the clarity of this psalm, calling out Right, or do we huddle and hide in a world of misdirection?