Thursday, September 1, 2005

True action

Why do we do what we do? What are the real purposes for our actions? I read a passage from Amos this morning that I found interesting

Amos, 4: 4-5
Come to Bethel and sin, to Gilgal, and sin the more;
Each morning bring your sacrifices, every third day, your tithes;
Burn leavened food as a thanksgiving sacrifice,
proclaim publically your freewill offerings,
For so you love to do, O men of Israel,
says the Lord

I know my ego leads me to preach for the sake of reward, rather than to offer praise. I become a hypocrit, speaking sweetly from one corner of my mouth and spitting evil from the other.

Though my actions appear righteous, my heart is black. Endless words of frienship and love cannot hide the stench of disparate vomit, riddled with malice, fear, anger and selfishness.

Whether we believe in God or not, whether we are people of faith, or people of morals and ethics, I know I would rather my behaviors legitimately reflect the moral compass I wish to live by, rather than perform like a monkey for the sake of appearing good.

I think the lesson for all of us is that our actions mean nothing, without true intention. Let's hope we can find the motivation for true intention in one another, or in our God, or in our work, or the words of a philosopher. Without it...are we hypocrites still?