Thursday, September 1, 2005

Question 85 - and Number 8 of Twenty Questions with Trickey!

Journal Jar Question 85

Did you have a favorite toy as a child? Did it have a name?  What memories do you have?

I did have a favorite toy as a child. His name was Kitty. He was the first stuffed animal I received from my Aunt Millie, and he was hand made with green button eyes. I would always rub his ear as a stress-reliever and for comfort I would bury my nose in his ear as well. He was with me always, so much so that his neck became all floppy from my grabbing him there.

He's been dropped in the toilet, left at the store, and has never left my bed for 28 years. He's currently residing with the dust dragons under my mattress, but I'll get him out when I next vacuum :). Even he needs a break from me now and then.

My favorite memory of him is when he lost an 'eye.' I cried so hard because he did not have his green eyes anymore, so my mother sewed n a button, but it was brown. That simply would not do - I screamed bloody murder until she took off both buttons and sewed in green yarn. Now he looks a little deformed. I'll try and take a photo of him tonight and add it to this entry!


Question 8 of 20 Questions from Charley and Amanda

Do you want to know if God truly exists, or would you rather live not knowing?

I would be tempted to know, myself, if he existed, but on the other hand, I would hope that I have faith enough that I could just accept and not need to know for sure, like Timothy did - but what if he doesn't exist....and we are all misled? Such tempting questions - I choose to not know and believe.