Thursday, September 1, 2005

Question # 9

Question #9 to Charley from Me… Amanda. Had to tone things down.
What kind of car do you have? What does is reflect about yourself? You keep it clean, messy? Personalize it and show it off? Drive it like a madman? Give it a name and baby it so it never dies?


I drive a 2000 Ford Mustang. It reflects my desire to be strong, fast, stoic, and to mirror something classic. The Mustang is America's classic muscle car; not tha that I need it to be fast, or powerful...but I enjoy the fact that part of the Mustang reflects the American character. The muscle car is uniquely American. It's fairly clean up front, too small to really be messy, though the trunk is full of golf clubs, clothes for the mission, and golf shoes/cleats, etc. I don't have her customized, but I do have a name for her - Traveler. She is named after the white stallion that Gen. Robert E. Lee rode during the Civil War. My mustang's white, get it?

Question 10 - right back at you:

If you could improve one character trait - what would it be?

For me...sincerety...I am by far too much of blowhard. I like to be the center of attention far too much. It feeds my ego and my pride and leads me to poor decisions. I need humility.