Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Question 13 - from Amanda

Question 13: Have you become the man you thought you would be? Or are you still getting there?

Amanda: I am the woman I want to be… but I am tied up into a package waiting for someone to come by and open me up. Let me know that it is okay to be who I have become. I have all the characteristics of the person I saw myself becoming when I was 13 or so, I am still getting there in terms of doing what I want with life and letting myself pop out of that package all by myself.

me: I don't think I am the man I want to be...and I dont' know if I'll ever get there. I want so very much to be be free of my emotional pain and be the person God calls me to not hurt have the strength to say no when I shouldn't say yes, to say yes when i want to say no. I want to have the courage to write, to not fear. I hate fear. It is such a part of me and it needs to be cut out like the tumor it is.

Question 14: What is the one toy that you don't have now that you really, really, want?

Me: I really really really want a membership at a Country Club. Just to say that I'm going to the club. How snotty and pretentious, but I would just love that chance! :)