Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good friends and golf

I wanted to share a little good humor before sleepy-time tonight. This past weekend three of my good friends came to town for what has quickly become a tradition: golf weekend.

This weekend consists of: 9 holes on Friday, 36 on Saturday, 18 on Sunday. All meals together. A few drinks (and actually, just a few - it's hard to play golf hungover!).Laughs. Stories. Memories. This is the third time we've done this and each one gets better and better. Rumor has it we'll try and travel somewhere for next year's trip. Myrtle Beach? Pinehurst? Shhhh. Don't tell Jillian ;).

I took along my new cellphone (which has a camera - something I swore I'd never get..but it had a great rebate) and snapped at least one photo per round. Here are the players in the pictures:

Ian: Routinely mistaken for a brother when we're out and about, Ian and I have known one another since 2001 or 2002. The memories are too fuzzy. He's loyal, funny, and taught me to play golf. Ian has a habit of never taking a picture unless he looks silly. He's also my protege. I taught him everything he knows about life, women, the world and cultivating a buddha belly. While I own the orginial talking buddha belly (a site to see!), Ian's is coming along nicely.

Tim: While we weren't close or distant during college, Tim and I have developed a mutual respect and a good friendship. He's the guy that's going to make millions and take over the world. He's a brilliant banker and will be retired by the time he's forty. I'm not kidding. He's that smart.  He's also an unbelievable golfer. 300 + yards off the tee, straight, and in the fairway.

Jared: Jared is the guy that's going to become the world famous scholar. He's going to write books that change the way we look at history. He's also going to make mega bucks. Ian and I are going to be his entourage and Tim is going to manage his money. We're not kidding. Not too much, anyway. He's a fair golfer and most of all...he's the guy that knows all our secrets. He manages to keep quiet so we don't know his and he finds out we'll never ever make him angry.

Picture 1 - Ian, on the way to our first round.
Picture 2 - Ian driving our golf cart after making a double bogey - DOH!
Picture 3 - Ian, driving the golf cart for round three. Yes, he's driving with his eyes closed.
Picture 4 - King of the gatorade.
Picture 5 - Jared, walking away because he HATES to have his picture taken.
Picture 6 - Tim, after whooping us on the front nine on our third round.
Picture 7 - The guys (yes, Jared's giving me the finger) teeing off on hole 18 of our third round.
Picture 8 - Ian, after making par on hole 17.
Picture 9 - Jared, trying to ignore me as we waited for a table in a neighboring restaurant Saturday night.