Thursday, August 18, 2005


I failed, yesterday, to finish everything on my 'to do' list. I am not upset about that, rather I am somewhat smugly pleased with myself for looking at the clock last night at 8:00, after the event I worked, and saying, "Not tonight. Tonight, I am relaxing." I answered a few emails, took a few deep breaths, slowed myself down, played some Railroad Tycoon Deluxe (yeah, retro!) and had a quiet evening. And this morning, it is nine a.m., and I have yet to open my planner.

Mind you, this rebellion will sorely hurt when I realize all I SHOULD have done during those hours.

Here's to impromptu procrastination! CHEERS!


I read this last night in Job, 21: 34

How then can you offer me vain comfort, while in your answers perfidy remains?

What strong words from Job. I envision him near anger, frustrated, hands in the air and cheeks flushed as he utters this last sentence of his sixth argument. I know how he feels, don't you? When you make a statement that you know is true, when you know that you are innocent of wrong doing, and your friends, in an attempt to comfort you, lie! Their dishonesty is clear in their words, their body language, and their tone of voice.

Sometimes, we are guilty before even tried. This passage reminds me to be strong and have faith, because those who are dishonest, disloyal, obstinate, and manipulative will someday meet another with the same traits, only greater - and they will know what it means to suffer as a result of one's behavior.

Do not misjudge me - I do not wish for people to suffer, but instead I take faith in being strong, resolute, and refusing to respond in kind to those that mistreat me, so that their sins do not become mine. We know that what we reap is what we sow. Those that are evil and abusive will face the consequences of their actions, in fairness, at some point in their life - and then, in faith - we must remain supportive and helpful...a true challenge. However it happens to them, whether you believe in a punishing God, karma, or the simplest ideas of Natural Law, the real test of our sincerity is helping those that have hurt us - refusing to let those that have been disloyal drive us away into hiding, under a cloak of fear and pain.