Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Question 78 - To be young again!! What was your favorite thing to do with your family when young?

This is an easy one!!!! As Christmas approached in New England, and the first snow fell around Thanksgiving, we would see our neighbors outside, decorating their houses, putting candles in the windows, and lights on their trees. Wreaths would decorate doors, and snow would cover the stone fences that snaked accross the hills and vales of our town. Then, at night, my folks and I would climb into the car so I could look at all the 'Christmas Spirit.' That's right, folks, when I saw a house all lit up and decorated I would say, "Look at that house with all the Christmas Spirit!!!" I would be so excited. I felt such pure joy in the celebration of Christmas in that way - it was something that everyone did in common - we all decorated our houses - we all celebrated that time - we were all the same. 

It was wonderful. To this day, during Christmas season, I drive around, looking for those people with true, "Christmas Spirit."