Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Question # 5

As many of you know, Amanda (from HEY, I"M COUNTRY) and I are playing twenty questions. As I've been on the road, I'm just now getting to question five:


What are some thing that the people who you work closely with would be surprised to know you do in your spare time?

Journal, actually. I don't believe that any of them know that I keep this journal. Most of them also don't know that I love to read. I also work on puzzles :). I'm a bit of a dork - so sue me! I think it would also come as a surprise to them to know that I'm working on starting my own educational consulting company...don't worry, I'm not ready to leave my job yet!

And so, for Amanda, Question 6:

If you were to die in 10 minutes, and you knew it, what would you do?

Well, for me, given my belief in religion, I would first and foremost get right with God. I am a sinner. And for all my reflections, and prayer, and reading of the bible and other spiritual works, I'm as big a sinner as the next guy, and I suffer from the same addictions and habits many men do - and no need to go into them here! After that, i would spend with the people I love, holding them, telling them I love them, asking them to forgive me for all the pain I ever caused them, and telling them that I will be with them always, helping and guiding her from heaven. I would thank them for loving me. And finally, I would try to reconcile with my family, and if nothing else, tell them that I love them.