Monday, August 29, 2005

The Saturday Six

Yes, I know I didn't post the Friday Five. Such is life when you're trying to start a company, are over-worked, and have to travel to a city far far away:). I'll get to it this week! As for me, here are my answers to the Saturday Six:

1. What is your current desktop picture?  What made you select it?

A good question - It is a picture of Abraham Lincoln's front door to his house in Springfield. Lincoln is my idol and the man I wish to model my virtues and ideals after.

2. A close friend who you consider to be up to date on fashion suggests that you should update your look and offers to pay for a session with an experienced hairstylist you've never dealt with before.  Knowing that it's free, would you go?

Absolutely. I'm a metro man and I would definately give it a shot. I love my stylist, Maria (she's awesome), but I'm not opposed to trying something new!

3. When you do look in a mirror, what is the first thing you usually look at?

My forehead - i hate my lines there and I get my brows waxed - always have to make sure they aren't in need!

4. Take this quiz:  Which Bugs Bunny character are you?

See below :)

5. What label seems to describe you the best as a whole?

Alone - far too alone - it's what I fear, it's what I fight, it's what I strive to avoid. I fear it, for it is too close to despair.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #60 from Stacy: Is there a specific person that you credit with your successes? and HOW did they help you?

Father Philip DeChico, my parish priest. Three years ago he confronted me, told me that it was time to stop being a child, live my life according to my faith, learn my faith, have trust in myself, others, and God, because only then will I find happiness. He was right - i'm on that path, and it is the only path right for me.