Friday, October 14, 2005

The Friday Five & Lack of Inspiration

This week, our Friday Five comes to us from Anonymous. This is the same anonymous who gave us a theme a few weeks ago. Thank you! Great themes! As always, please feel free to send in your own Friday Five questions, either of one theme, or none at all, and we'll post them and promote your journal!

For first-time players, you can either leave your answers in the comments below, or post a link to your journal! All are welcome to play, and thank you to anonymous - I'd love to promote his/her journal, but he/she prefers to remain anonymous. Enjoy!



1.  When you were in school, favorite subject and why.

Social studies, without doubt. Primarily because I loved studying cultures and people, and I wanted to teach that subject. Even though I no longer teach, the concept of studying other cultures still intrigues me. I love to study their mores and values.

2.  Were you a good student? What were your grades?

Depended on the subject, really. Math and Science? HA! D's all the way, baby. I cheated like a fool in high school, too. We had this increadibly complicated system worked out for one of my classes involving desk corners, foot taps, and eraser taps. Oddly enough, I didn't cheat once in College and did far better in all my courses. Outside of Math and Science, if I liked the course, an A, if I didn't, a B.

3.  Do you attend your kids Open Houses and if you don't have kids, did your parents attend your Open Houses when you were in school?

Yes, they did, up to a point. ANd then they felt since I got along reasonbly enough they didn't have to go. That bothered me. They took far more interest in my brother's education than they did my own.

4. The teacher who made the most impact on you and why.

His name was Brock Putnam and he taught World Cultures. He inspired me to teach, became my surrogate Father, taught me about life, how to live it as a man, and what it meant to have integrity. He was brilliant, compassionate, and fair. He challenged. He made you laugh. He never let you slide, but always gave you a break if you really had a bad time. He saved me from doing horrible things to myself in high school, and I cherished the rides home from school he gave me. I still love him as a father.

When I left high school, I asked him to sign my senior year book. All he wrote, was: "And Dorothy said..., "And you, Scarecrow, I will miss most of all."

5.  How many different elementary schools did you attend growing up?

Well, I didnt' move, but we had two elementary schools in my district - one for K - 3, and one for 4-5. Strange format, if you as me. :)


For regular and casual readers alike: I am taking a break of undetermined length from writing reflections. My heart is empty at the moment, and I've no idea when it will fill up again. I appreciate your prayers, thoughts, and concern.

I suppose I am no better than any other writer that needs his muse to write, and I cannot find life in its pages.